Cloud Monitoring

Many companies do their heavy lifting during application development stage, but the application may suffer from performance degradation when they go live, and users expect perfection. Application downtime costs big money, loss of service, loss of data and significant financial impact. Our performance experts have over 10+ years of experience in helping customers to identify bottlenecks and performance issues in the application, servers or infrastructure. We use best of the breed tools, advanced techniques, and deep dive analysis to determine the bottlenecks in the network, performance issues in the applications even down to function/method levels and even at a line of code or SQL queries.

The application can be deployed anywhere from on-premises to the external cloud; we are helping our customer to identify performance issues even in the cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

You can leverage our broad knowledge of application servers, operating systems, databases, NoSQL database, network devices, VM and expertise in performance analysis tools to identify performance issues in a production or a pre-production applications.

Our Specialization:

  • Identifying Application Performance Issues
  • Identifying Network Bottlenecks
  • Synthetic Monitoring and alerting
  • Synthetic Monitoring for non-web browser based Applications
  • JVM Instrumentation and Analysis
  • Log Analysis
  • Server stats analysis
  • Design and develop custom Dashboards.
  • Proactive Alerting for SLA’s

Tools Specialization:

  • AppDynamics
  • Splunk
  • HP Sitescope
  • HP Business Process Monitor(BPM)
  • Citratest
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • Riverbed Tools
  • Opnet Tools
  • New Relic
  • SolarWinds
Cloud Performance Management (CPM)

Applications can be deployed anywhere from on-premises to Private or Public or Hybrid-cloud. An average most of the business suffer from degraded business applications when they migrate Application from on-premises to Cloud without prior performance assessment. Not all application are designed same and may not behave well in the cloud compared to which currently running on-premises, so checking suitability before migrating to the cloud is the key factor.

Our experts help you to assess and identify right architecture to perform well in the cloud for your application. Our experts evaluate cloud-readiness Performance baseline assessment, catalogue on-premises applications and create the service profile. Our consultant helps you in documenting business requirements like performance KPIs and SLA’s.

Our performance specialists assist you in identifying best tool for monitoring and alerting performance degradations to avoid mean time to repair. On-premises monitoring tools may not work well in the cloud, hence identifying and Implementing the right tool for measuring service delivery is a mission critical in a cloud environment, failure to leads unsatisfied customers and loss of revenue. Things are very challenging in cloud infrastructure due little visibility, and right monitoring tool is a must to detect anomalies before performance hit on the application.

Repeatedly monitoring and testing few key areas are mission critical for the good application performance. Tracking normal usage and trends determines typical usage patterns and any deviation from these patterns will be an indication of performance degradation. Our experts help you in setting up these monitoring tools to kick start your application performance goals to meet SLA goals.

Cloud Application Performance Management (CAPM)

Organizations are beginning to migrate Enterprise applications to the cloud to achieving significant cost savings and increased flexibility. Most of the networking monitoring solutions are hardware appliance which we cannot plug into cloud data centers, and also server performance monitoring solutions are instrumented at hypervisor level which is managed by cloud providers, and we do not have direct access. As a result, legacy IT management tools are not practical on cloud-environments as managing performance at on-premises applications. This causes challenging balance between flexibility & scalability of cloud-computing and visibility & manageability of the performance.

To regain performance visibility, it is easy to implement monitoring solution to measure Application performance, User-Experience(UX) and Log analyzers. Since these agents are directly instrumented in Application and Browser level, we get more insight into application performance and end User-Experience. If you want to start monitoring true business application performance, we should start monitoring User-Experience as well application performance.

Our decades of combined expertise in Network, Server, Application and End User-Experience monitoring tools gives an edge towards providing the right mix of cloud monitoring tools required for your organization to meet your performance goals and Service Level Agreements(SLA).