Cloud Services

We specialize in helping to build Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Migration service for small business to Federal agencies. We offer following wide verity of cloud services:

  • Architect and Build Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Automation
  • Cloud Architecture Automation
  • Cloud Application Performance and Availability Monitoring
  • Cloud Federation Integration
  • Cloud Hybrid Setup
Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprises and Federal agencies are exploring benefits of cloud computing. Most of the IT infrastructures are built on the legacy systems and applications, which are unable to scale up by the demand with today’s growing business requirements. Cloud computing gives an opportunity to the organizations a flexibility to respond fast, and scale-up to meet growing business needs. Cloud infrastructure dramatically reduces expenses on the hardware acquisition, maintenance, IT staffing and most importantly breaking the barriers across the applications which are unable to communicate each other.

Successfully to build and migrate to the Cloud Infrastructure is a challenging, needs to understand the various cloud configurations, requires strategical planning, and expertise. Leveraging the power of Cloud computing, it needs to be carefully automated, and scaled. Although there is a clear vision on IT needs with the clients, they lack clear technology stacks and right cloud-service providers.

CloudScape is helping our clients taking their envision, architecting and building right mix of on-premises, private and hybrid secured cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Migration

For any Enterprise, the challenging question is whether to migrate to the Cloud or not? With the growing business demands, IT capacity for the resource hungry applications is decreasing. To accommodate growing demand for the IT capacity with the reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is by reducing significant capital investment, we need to leverage the Cloud Computing Technology.

Our Cloud Migration services will help your organization in moving on-premises infrastructure, existing applications, data and businesses process to the scalable secured Cloud-Infrastructure. CloudScape help you to identify areas of risk and opportunity for the application performance improvement, autoscaling, and high availability for the critical business functions. We support all these models: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS on all infrastructure configurations.

Our Cloud Migration services includes:

Server Migration:

  • Migrate Physical and Virtual-Servers
  • Migrate entire Servers or Application stack

Database Migration

  • MySQL, MS SQL, and Oracle
  • Cassandra, MongoDB, SOLR

Application Migration

  • Java & .Net Applications
  • CMS or custom Application

Monitoring and Testing

  • AppDynamics, New Relic, and Splunk
  • HP Sitescope Monitoring, HP BSM
  • HP Testing Suites