H1B Transfer And Sponsorship

If you like to transfer your H1B to our company, our HR experts will help you to provide a smoother transition from your current employer. We will initiate negotiation with your client/vendor to move your payroll to on our company. Our experts will take care of your project transfer, handling billing and purchase order through till H1B approval. We work with reputed Immigration Attorneys to take care of your H1B transitioning. No need to sign long-term contracts, and if you wish to resign from our company, we provide necessary employment verification and experience letter.

  • Why should I transfer H1B to your company?
  • Regular H1B Transfer Fee borne by Company.
  • We keep totally transparent, no hidden things.
  • On time payroll process.
  • Flexible custom Salary Package.
  • Paid Holiday and/or vacations.
  • We work with reputed Immigration Attorneys for your VISA processing.
  • Experts in performing a smooth and worry free transfer.

H1B Transfer FAQ’s

H1B Transfer Process

After accepting Employment with CloudScape LLC., we’ll initiate LCA (Labor Condition Application) with USDOL. This process may take up to 5-7 days. Meanwhile, we start collecting all required H1B documents from you. Our Attorney will forward filled H1B VISA petition package upon approval of LCA to USCIS via overnight delivery. Employer/Law firm will receive acknowledgment/receipt for H1B filing from USCIS; this allows H1B employee to work legally. You can track the status of H1B using this receipt on USCIS website.

Documents required for H1B transfer
  • Last three latest pay stubs.
  • Latest Resume.
  • Copies of your existing H1B approval.
  • Copies of Passport.
  • Copies of I-94 records.
  • Copies of Social Security Card.
  • Copies of existing valid VISA.
  • Copies of all your Diploma/Degrees.
H1B Processing Types

H1B Regular Processing – Typical duration for processing any H1B visa application can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months. VisitUSCIS for more information.

H1B Premium Processing – USCIS guarantees that it will process H1B visa petition within 15 calendar day period when USCIS receives the petition. This process involves submitting a completed and signed USCIS form I-907 and paying additional $1,225 Service fee.

Does LCA process gets counted in 15 days Premium processing?

No, LCA filing time is not counted towards 15 days of Premium processing. After approval of LCA, premium H1B petition will be filed

Does regular H1B Quota(Cap) affects the H1B transfer process?

No, H1B transfer is a separate process, and it has nothing to do with H1B quota. It is a transfer of your existing H1B approval to a new company, and it’s not a ‘new’ H1B.

Note: These H1B FAQ’s are provided purely for information purpose only, for more details check the USCIS website or reputed law firm blogs for the current information.