CloudScape is a leading Professional IT and Cloud Solution provider for the Enterprise and Federal agencies. Our expertise – Architect, Design, Build, Migrate, Automate, and Monitor your Cloud Infrastructure by adopting DevOps culture with Continuous Delivery and an Agile methodology. Leverage our Professional expertise to implement innovative technology solutions to achieve your business objectives.

Our Services

IT Consulting and Cloud Services

Our IT Consulting, Cloud services, Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Automation services leverage deep domain expertise in the IT industry to eliminate lengthy, expensive software development processes and efficiently manage available resources. Our specialists deliver quality, cost-effective information Technology Resource Management solutions that equip companies with a compeetitive edge and ability to respond quickly to changing business and technological quickly to changing business and technological requirements. Whether you require a basic website or a complex distributed application or Cloud infratructure.

Cloud Automation

Our Cloud IT Solutions offers your business, a cost-effective data center, automation, orchestration and managed services that lower your operational costs and scalable IT capacity. With Cloud infrastructure, you can save substantial Capital-Cost since it is "pay as you go" model and disengage whenever you do notneed them. Our end-to-end cloud services cut the costs of cloud infrastructure implementation, maintenance, Cloud migration, Cloud monitoring, and management. Our expert's design, deploy, automate, and manage faster by adopting DevOps with continuous delivery and an agile approach on Cloud Computing.

Monitoring Services

Organization are leveraging the Cloud computing infrasturcture to improve flexibility and scalability of their IT services. However, they face challenges on decreased visibility into the performance of the services been delivered to end-users. Out of the box, Cloud providers performance monitoring and alerting services are not sufficient to meet SLA requirements on the Servers, Databases, and Applications. CloudScape will provide the right mix of cloud services and Cloud monitoring solutions to get most benefits of the Cloud infrastrcture to resolve performance issues, optimize business demands and spendings.

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